1. Something that has under 90 ft/lbs of torque.

2. Automobiles made in Japan, highly over-rated, have no styling, get good gas milage for one reason: Small engines. Honda's have been called reliable, but are really pieces of shit, they fall apart. Keep insisting that DOHC actually boosts efficiency, but actually it doesn't do shit.

3. Number one choice for ricers world-wide. Usually because they are cheap, and are seen in Fast and the Furious. Poser's and main-stream Whiggers buy this type of car.
1. Yeah my Techumseh lawn mower is hondaed.

2. Dude, I just had the weirdest dream: Honda changed the styling on the Civic!

3. Check out this poser in his Civic, that thing probably runs like 115 ft/lbs.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005
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the car company with the world's cleanest emmissions. honda's are known for their longevity and craftsmanship.
Hondas get good gas mileage
by brad October 30, 2003
a favorite choice of local riceboys.

see also. buzz buzz
Hondas have mad top end yo.
by mary jayne November 20, 2002
Japanese engine manfacturing company that makes more then just cars. Their engines are very relible and well-built, however its nothing special to have one.
Your 2004 Honda Civic has the same specs as my 1995 Ford Contour (hazardmobile) with 103,000 miles on it, yet I would still beat you if we raced due to the drag produced by the 30 pounds of NOS stickers and the 20 pound inverted 747 wing on 3 foot stilts attacthed to the rear of your front-wheel-drive car.

My mom drives a 2001 Honda Accord V6 (proof that NOT ALL imports are 4-bangers, most of them are). It is fun to drive and everything, and looks pretty good, until you slap a sheet metal tube to the exhuast which makes it sound like the 2-stroke yamaha engine on my fishing boat and a 10 foot inverted wing which belongs on a commercial airliner.

I won a race in my Honda, a lawnmower race.

Having a small fuel-saving japanese car is great, until you destroy the engine parts and wheel geometery by 'trick' or 'ricing it out'.
by IrishRepublicanArmy May 24, 2004
Good, reliable, long-lasting car. If you want power, look elsewhere. Hondas aren't built for power. If you don't want to get a frequent visitor's card from the local auto repair shop, get a Honda.
Man, ANOTHER "american" car on the roadside. Shoulda bought a Honda.
by Hondaman January 11, 2004
makes great cars, ricers destroyed the name though
My stock Honda civic just raped another ricer
by Ace587 March 07, 2006
1.) A Japanese-based automobile manufacturer that was once known for outstanding technological innovations and engineering perfection.

2.) Currently, another face in the crowd. Chosen most commonly by ricers and people who think that American cars are purely crap.
d00d: My Civic has NAWWWZZZ!

Manawski: My Escort isn't a Honda.
by Manawski February 26, 2003
A car for those crazy Japanese people who like to make them look fast. Only those who actually work on the engine have good cars.
Oh, look, he put a spoiler and ground effects on his Honda. He must think it's fast now.
by brits blow July 31, 2003
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