Honda = Engineering Company
Highest resale value of any modern car in production...

Highest efficany of any car any car in production...

First company to sell a highbred engine...

Most reliable engines around...

And yes something young idiots try to prove their penile size with.
by schimschone March 17, 2005
A vehicle manufacturer similar to Toyota, which built reliable vehicles in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, but, like Toyota, has made a few duds in the last few years. They are also convinced that their vehicles can't be broken unless driven and maintained by idiots.

While a number of Hondas have given the driver years of trouble-free operation, the ones who don't get one are in for a world of pain.
My mother had a 1999 Honda CRV. The Air Conditioner broke 3 times before the car was 3 years old. Each time, the dealer become more angry at us, and wanted to get rid of us.
by Artificialist November 16, 2005
The best damned cars to ever be squeezed out of that little Island of Japan. fast, reliable, and efficient. The God car. Oh wait I'm sorry, I thought i was describing the Z.
whenever I drive past a Honda in my 280Z and rev my engine, they stop at nothing to "race" me from one stoplight to the next.
by Ralius July 12, 2005
1:vehicle whose genesis should have been incinerated in nagasaki or hiroshima. motorcycle brand sometimes disguised as a car.2: Adj. -to lack true power or speed. to require thousands of dollars to modify and perform like a stock domestic.
I had to put another motor, spray and a blower to get my honda to reach 100 mph
by import killer November 11, 2003
1. A car
2. A vehicle that can form into one of 5 parts of a giant robot to battle evil
3. A poor floatation device
4. A high tech replacement for the bicycle
The honda broke... again...
A Japanesse Engineering company who happens to make cars. Often mistaken for the world' largest auto manufacturer (GM).
Aside from poorly built cars - honda also makes electric generators and outboard motors.
by Obsidian March 14, 2003
1. Something that has under 90 ft/lbs of torque.

2. Automobiles made in Japan, highly over-rated, have no styling, get good gas milage for one reason: Small engines. Honda's have been called reliable, but are really pieces of shit, they fall apart. Keep insisting that DOHC actually boosts efficiency, but actually it doesn't do shit.

3. Number one choice for ricers world-wide. Usually because they are cheap, and are seen in Fast and the Furious. Poser's and main-stream Whiggers buy this type of car.
1. Yeah my Techumseh lawn mower is hondaed.

2. Dude, I just had the weirdest dream: Honda changed the styling on the Civic!

3. Check out this poser in his Civic, that thing probably runs like 115 ft/lbs.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005

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