He's the blue midget Homestar who was raised by a cup of coffee, is the pride of the peaches, is a song from the sixties, and is the only friend of Strong Sad that is not a board game. He likes to hug trees, which is what his parties generally only involve.
Homsar is AWEXOME. Oh, yes he is.
by PokeHomsar February 25, 2007
Derivative character from the Homestar Runner website.
He is forever your girl.
by angus April 03, 2005
21st Century Moron, invented Kelsey Grammar.
"Give me a treat, make sure that it's sweet, and I'll eat it..."
by Will May 29, 2004
Homsar I would say is a hint of Genious from "The Brothers Chaps" at www.homestarrunner.com Homsar was born when a mr. "Vinnie C" mistakenly wrote "If you hate HOMSAR so much, why don't you kill him" frankly, I don't know why he would want to kill homestar anyway.
Sorry to name u Vinnie, but come on man it's Homestar not Homsar!!!
by Mackey March 03, 2004
1 Homstar Runner mispelled
2 A strange character that nobody understands or tollerates
Oh bwothuh, what do you think of this guy, The Cheat?
by Pamela Russell December 15, 2003
A name for a character on H*R that has become a symbol of that which divides people. There are those who worship Homsar and his random phrases, and there are those who absolutely despise this character.
"The powerball winner and best costume maker ever, though underestimated by others"
"Some fat guy with no arms. Likes to blah nonsense for no reason. Maybe cause he's a absolute piece of idiot cake."
by Chaka November 15, 2003
He does what he's told. Click the "R" is Strong Mad's carving of "DAGRON" in the e-mail "dragon". Apparently, the words "Taster's Choice" is a dragon.
SB: Hey, get out of my house!
Homsar: I do what I'm told!
by Donkey Kong Song October 14, 2003

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