Avocation of homosexuality, in any form.
Most liberal democrats support homophilia.

Most liberal democrats while supporting homophilia are also homophobic.
by TheVoiceOfTruth December 02, 2008
Top Definition
Etymologically, 'homophile' is derived from two Greek words - 'homo', meaning 'the same', and 'philos', meaning 'friend', or possibly 'philein', meaning 'to love', or 'to be dear to'. Greek uses 'eros' to signify 'sexual love', so philein should be taken to signify non-sexual love between friends or members of the same family, e.g. brothers.

In 'homophilia', 'homo' could signify a shortened form of 'homosexual'.

Thus homophilia could have two meanings-

1) supportive, brotherly friendship towards gays and lesbians, or

2) non-sexual love between two men or two women.

Broadly, it means an open, non-judgemental acceptance towards gays and lesbians, or, alternatively, towards the expression of non-sexual warmth and intimacy between people of the same sex. It is the opposite of 'homophobia' - the fear or hatred of all things gay.
'...homophilia is a central aspect of modern gayness, in relationships between men whether sexually expressed or not'.
by AndrewSmith January 21, 2009
A heterosexual person's obsessive fascination with all things homosexual.
John was not gay, but his homophilia caused him to be a militant supporter of the gay lifestyle.
by The Original Etymologist December 28, 2013
Homophilia is the love of, or romantic interest in, someone of the same gender, where sexual attraction is not necessarily a factor.
My parents were confused by my homophilia.
by Grograman May 25, 2012
Acceptance of homosexuals that is put on for fear of seeming homophobic.
You're not really friends with Kyle. He's just a handbag for your homophilia.
by B Ligerati January 10, 2008
As opposed to homophobia (fear or dislike of homosexuals), homophilia is the sexual attraction towards homosexual people. This is not to be confused with simply "homosexual", homophilia refers fixation on homosexual people of either gender.
Homophilia is much rarer than homosexuality.
by Skyboy September 06, 2005
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