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Homosexual+intellectual, a smart gay person
Arturo is a Homolectual except for the smart part.
by Sealfiftysix March 15, 2010
1. A person who believes anything they say is the ultimate authority due to their statement made in a whiny, nasally, sardonic tone and or with a disgusted, condescending look without any real basis or statistics supporting their claim.
2. Homosexual propagandist.
3. A person who believes the solutions to societal problems are legalizing and or imposing deviant sexual and or societal behavior.
4. A self-absorbed, narcissistic idiot.
Example 1:
Interviewer: You can't prove permanent global warming with the limited data set you have. Your data completely ignores the cooler than average temperatures in the southern hemisphere and discounts the natural shifts in the oceanic currents. At best, it's inconclusive.
Al Gore: ***Sigh*** That's because you aren't able to understand science. Excuse me, but I have to sell my failing TV station to a bunch of
America-hating, oil rich sheiks now. ***Sigh****

Example 2:
Homolectual: Gays have made many important contributions to western civilization without them it would crumble.
Person 1: What are they exactly?
Homolectual: Hairstylists, fashion designers, actors, singers and interior decorators.
Person 1: I believe Rome had other more pressing matters than a shortage of those professions.
Homolectual: Abraham Lincoln was gay. In fact, all great people are gay.
Person 1: Proof?
Homolectual: Breeder-homophobe!!!!!

Example 3:
Person 1: The country's broke! There's too much crime!!
Homolectual: Legalize all drugs and tax them. Legalize prostitution and tax it. Problem solved.

Example 4:
See any male or female pop artist, Hollywood actor or actress, or member of the liberal press. A member of the liberal elite.
by shaddup1000 July 06, 2013
someone having their own head up their ass
You homolectuals could fuck up a free lunch.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003