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The species of gay, douchbag males and females. Behavior consists of insisting on being first, sitting in back of rooms "backrow faggots". Usually have long curly hair or short curly hair. Imitate cool people and can just make a really awesome activity or saying or joke seem gay and lame.

Homoerectan is male homoerecti
Homoerectus is female
Homoerecti being plural of both forms
"Wow that was a really funny joke until the homoerecti had to say it."
by alrybin May 12, 2010
1.The species which preceeded the humans in the process of evolving homosapiens.
2. A fag with a boner
While on an archiological dig, we found a homoerectis skeleton.
by DoucheAss October 13, 2004
When a man looks at another man and pops a boner.
Aja has experienced many homoerectices
by pitogrande May 17, 2003
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