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insanely bright eyes...also "serial killer eyes" if you have a relationship with a person who has this physical attribute it is often startling when you gaze over at them in the morning.....
My ex boyfriend, Steven had homo-blue eyes and I would jump fifty feet when he'd stare at me.
by Amanda July 02, 2004
The brightest of Blue Eyes.
"Zack's eyes are so blue they look like Homo-Blue Eyes."
by Jimbo September 02, 2003
A person with extremly gay blue eyes. People with the last name seamen have them.
That kid ____ Seamen has the gayest Homo-Blue eyes!
by Mama lover September 03, 2003
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
a gay kid who has blue eyes
I hate that Homo-Blue eyes kid zack
by dark espio September 03, 2003