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A group of young homosexual thugs. One must watch out, for they are extremely dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about getting a beat down, but also getting fucked while down.

Early warning signs of homo thuglings approaching you include:
Baggy gangster clothes and du-rags, combined with holding hands with other members, and giggling. Kissing is also a give away.

If you spot them before they spot you, hide in an alley, or a bush, or use a Houdini hider.

Stay safe!
The following sentence is being recited in this almost victim's head.

Dude: Oh shit! 10 homo thuglings coming my way, shit did they see me?
pheww they didn't...good, I'll use the Houdini hider, just in time!!
by snipedogg June 02, 2010
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