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The one school in Cupertino where there are actually more white kids than asian kids. Also the place where you can ask almost any guy and get at least a 10-sack.
The queen bitch on campus is not a hot, popular blonde girl, but rather a man-woman on a bike named Louise.
If you are white and look even a little bit suspicious, she will tackle you and search your possessions against your will. If she doesn't find anything or if you run away, she charges you with assault because she's a bitch
guy 1: hey dude, what school do you go to?
guy 2: I go to Homestead High School
guy 1: oh in that case, can i get some weed from you?
guy 2: yeah fsho, we're having a chill sesh tonight anyways
by the bored ta November 20, 2008
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