a cool street name like poop dawg, pee diddle, or gary
yo home slice,what up
by josif hasmr October 04, 2003
Pizza that is left over and is stored in a plastic bag in a refridgerator for the purpose of heating up a quick breakfast in the toaster oven the next morning.
Seyithan: Oh man, I just woke up. Got any home slices in the fridge that I can heat up real quick for breakfast?
by Serhan August 25, 2006
Someone who is an over the top dork. Someone who is trying way too hard to be cool and fails miserably.
Look at that guy in the polyester leisure suit trying to pick up on that super model. What a home slice.
by hititlong January 01, 2006
Friend/homie (one of your mains)
Yo, what's gwarning home slice?
by TheRealJLeach May 18, 2015

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