A friend, particularily an attractive friend
Jessica is my homeslice.
by flameeverlasting May 07, 2005
Derived from a slice of mothers home baked cake, something that is the best. Gone on to be used to mean 'best friend' or 'buddy'. Often used after the word 'nice'
instead of 'thanks buddy' 'nice, home slice'
by Tom2409 January 27, 2008
a white bitch wanta be a black nigga...since tha nigga say homie tha white bitch say homelsice
me and my homeslice is goin to the mall today
by brownsugar12 May 22, 2005
A convenient vag...In other words, an easy piece of ass waiting at home.
My housewife is a perfect Home Slice.
by Urban Brat III March 27, 2009
An icecream eating, underpants wearing, cookie-cutting home-body. Normally residing in suburban six packs. Sometimes referred to in Australian terms as a Jason
"you commin out tonite home slice?"
"na can't tonite... i have to vacuum my tilled floor"

by Mick the Mouth May 26, 2008
A deragotory term for a friend/stranger whom is annoying or a poser.
Check out home slice over there rockin' the mullet!
by Rusty26 January 12, 2006
For Immigrants, a fleeting glance of how things are back home.
The Indian student read the newspapers - hoping to get some home slice, and feel warm over it.
by ManasM May 05, 2006

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