Buddy, pal, chum, crony, homie, friend. Generally used by Arizonans. or other USA Westerners.
I'ma gonna go go hang with my homeslices and bash President Shrub.
by Ship of Fools December 13, 2004
the term originally used to describe prison inmates that remind other prisoners of their lives on the outside.
Person 1: Yo, homeslice, I used to live three blockes from you back in LA.

Person 2: Word. What you in for, bro?
by BigDogC June 12, 2008
meaning homeboy : "dawg" or tight azz friend
ey u hit that last night homeslice?
by sweet n unique September 18, 2005
another word for homie mostly used by WIGGERS
Yo homeslice lets have gay sex
by ruel November 27, 2003
one eitgh of your friend (friend of a friend of a friend of a friend), one step closer would be homebwoi(pronounced home-bwaaaahhhh) (friend of a friend of a friend) which is one sixth , one step closer then THAT would be a Foaf (or foafaninator) (friend of a friend), and one step farther then home slice would be homebor (friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend) which would be one sixteenth of your friend , and homie is yor friend/pal.

-dedicated to sfcmert
"whuddup my homeslice?" "yo homwbwoi you trippin?" "yo my foafinator you tappin thate ho?" "you homebor don't be frontin mah grillz trippin on my kool-aid!" "hey homie"
by EboniSize.mE.CAppn' October 02, 2006
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