One of your tight friends, plural is either Homeslyce or Homesleeces.
What up, my homeslice?
by Doctor Drevius March 24, 2004
The person who shares ones home, bed and heart; A conjugal partner.

My homeslice, Pat and I don't need a ceremony to know we're committed to each other.
by Fourth Dwarf December 07, 2008
A very good friend of yours. A slice of your home, refereing to the old english times where they use to rent out parts of there homes for a chicken or something.
Hey Vinoth my Homeslice, whats hanging?

Give me a slice of your home homeslice.
by GangstaHomie June 07, 2006
a word used to describe a best friend from home, or 'a brother/sister from another mother - originates from canada.
Natalie your like totally my homeslice :)
by mblockgirls February 18, 2009
Quite possibly the whitest friendly term which one can use in reference to their friend in place of their name. It is a commonly used term among college roommates; particularly those sharing an apartment.
(answers phone): Whatsup homeslice?
(in response): Not much dawg, just chillin' in -40º weather outside the place, dude.
by The Alpha August 30, 2008
1) a term used to describe everyone
2) a term used indicating what kind of potatoes you had for breakfast
3)a word used to imply relations with a celebrity
4) offered as a drug although it does not exist
"dude you want some homeslice?"

"yea bro hook a brutha up"

"sucks for you cus it doesnt exist"
by slipknotmaGGot April 28, 2009
Homeslice= Slice of home
ur pal, bud, buddy, old friend (reminds u of ur childhood), brotha from anotha motha
-sometimes referred to as a type of greeting,
"yo homeslice whats happn'?!"
by bekskie January 15, 2008

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