a word that describes a really awesome person. another word for "homie"
"what up homeslice?"
by LCPL AWESOMENESSssssss February 07, 2009
A good friend, aka a homie. This word is used when either greeting or departing from your homie. For example, "Yo homie, what's up!" Likewise, "Alright homie, I gotta dip like a potato chip." This term can also be used when asking your homie a question or making a bold statement (i.e.) "Hey homeslice, how much cheddah do I owe you?" or "Homeslice, you trying to rip me off yo?"
A good way to remember this term is to conceptualize a pizza pie. Assume every piece of pizza is a friend. You like slices of pizzas in the same respect you like your homeslices.

In essence,

Pizza slices = homeslices = homies
by Miss. Wiz March 21, 2010
A very close friend whom you have known for a long time.
"I love my homeslices! We've known eachother

since pre-k!"
by I am your mom's mum. June 04, 2009
A person you could trust with anything/love in a platonic way; one with whom you roll deep.
Person 1: Oh my God I hate that girl!
Person 2: Don't you dare say that, she's my homeslice.
by SS21 March 03, 2014
1. A slice of homey-ness

2.A friend/amigo. One who you are "tight" with
1. Murphy : Mildred, why did we throw out that old sofa?
Mildred : Because it was old dear...
Murphy : But it was a homeslice!

2. Wannabe G 1: YO YO! What up G-dog?
Wannabe G 2: Aww nuthin homeslice, jus chillin...
by 13Pheeble November 09, 2008
A friend or buddy. Synonym for dude or homie.
Me: What's up Homeslice?
Friend:Oh nothin'. How 'bout you?
by Twinkie Bottlepop November 12, 2012
another way to say friends
Im going to be hangin with my home slices tonight.
by Joel, thanks to Tyrell and Blake November 01, 2007

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