Buddy, Friend homie
hey whats up homeslice!
by Megan Bartow August 10, 2005
1. Another term for homie, but more personal and often used amongst friends of the highest value.

2. A slice of homie. You have a group of homies, and homeslice is used to address just one of them.
Kristy: "Hey Peta, wanna go skateboarding?"

Peta: "Sure, homeslice."
by Kristy deSM November 08, 2011
noun. A real buddy or paisan.
You know, you've been my number one home slice for about ten years now. Thanks.
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
home, referring to the ever so popular phrases including the following: home dawg, home nizzle, homie, homes..etc. and slice, referring to the freaking shiz niz (referring to the best of something) of the best of something

"What it do, homeslice?"

"OH, it do, dawg."
by Lt. Boom City April 04, 2009
a buddy or a really cool friend.
steph is MY homeslice
by GGGGGGG- UNIT September 28, 2003
Is used in addition to bisnatch, referring to a friend or someone who is relatively nice in order to get their attention.
Yo homeslice! Pay attention!
by causte March 08, 2005
A word often used by little white kids who are trying to be cool. Also is an out of date term used to describe a friend; recently replaced by homie(still not cool for white kids to say)
Kyle: I'll see ya later.

Tyler: WHOA, hold it homeslice, you left your keys.

Kyle: WHO SAYS THAT! and thanks.
by IscZner June 22, 2008

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