An embarrassing accident which brings on more good than bad.
Joseph pulled a homer after tripping and causing 3 people to fall down, including a man trying to steal a purse.
by Shawn March 06, 2004
When you succeed something without trying.
Looks like I pulled a Homer.
by Kippie April 09, 2004
jackass that needs to get lap dance from an old lady and get on with his life! they are most likely very ugly and don't take showers.they are usually dickfaces and undateable becasue they laugh at every f ing thing!
me: some kids died in a school bus today
homer: hahahahahaha I'm a dumshit
me: go kill yourself douchebag
homer: okay hahahahahahah
by plier face July 29, 2008
The best character on the television show The Simposons. Note that anyone that has like the past 3 seasons of The Simpsons is an idiot.
First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.
by Elitist December 30, 2003
Another name for pussy lips seen through clothes. Called a "Homer" because if you look at it sideways the lips look like Homer Simpson's mouth
Wow! Did you see her pussy?! That is a Homer!
by phreak_1983 September 17, 2003
v. to homer - is to hang around people smoking marijuana, and inhale as much second hand as possible, without taking a hit or paying.
Man, this dude Billy came over yesterday and homered 3 joints off us.
by Mottya January 13, 2006
Simply GOD!
Let's give thanks to Homer for these doughnuts.
by Dawg November 28, 2003
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