Another word for gay bashing
Bobby and Bill went down to the park last night to hit a couple of homers
by JL57 May 10, 2009
A quaint little fishing town with a drinking problem. Also a large tourist attraction. Why you ask? Nobody can fucking figure it out.

Located at the end of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. It is the lamest fucking town you will ever find. It is full of either
A) Pot smoking, crack sniffing, meth injecting hippies who try to sell you clothes an such made out of hemp.
B) Snoody rich kids who live up on the hill.
Why do we live in this fucking town we love to call Homer?
by 24545sdfgsdfg May 26, 2008
Homer - A typical well not so typical because he only roots for his team (the local team) when they are winning.
Boy Red is such a Homer.
by Louis Klisser August 20, 2003
Scoring or winning in the off-chance.
Winning everything against all odds. Achieving something thought to be imposibble.

I just scored a Homer
by Aden Fraser March 17, 2006
Something that happens accidentaly
I always forget my credit card but I have it today, I guess I made a Homer
by ems family October 05, 2008
Getting laid in a truck bed.
Shawn got some homer in the parking lot.
by Keifer Truett December 07, 2006
An embarrassing accident which brings on more good than bad.
Joseph pulled a homer after tripping and causing 3 people to fall down, including a man trying to steal a purse.
by Shawn March 06, 2004

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