To succeed despite idiocy. As in the phrase, 'to pull a Homer'
'By winning the election, it's easy to tell the George W. Bush just pulled a Homer'
by mrrandomdude September 04, 2009
A sports broadcaster who very obviously shows favoritism towards the team they represent.
I can't believe that dumb, homer Suzyn Waldman actually broke down and started crying about Joe Torre leaving the Yankees.
by breetai3 October 09, 2007
White underwear; Tightie whities. Refers to Homer Simpson character who wears white underwear.
I love working at home. I'm sitting in front of the computer with my Homer's on, glad I'm not an office stiff who has to wear a suit and tie.
by beansprout April 02, 2007
(N.) Homer - The big, fat, balding Kwijibo, apelike character from The Simpsons. Also known as the American Bonehead.
(V.) Homer, Pull a - To suceed despite idiocy.
I tried to juggle three bowling balls, only to have them drop onto my right foot, but first met my girlfriend in the Hospital, after they put some bandages on it. I sure did pull a Homer that day!
by G-Union August 16, 2003
An unoffensive term for a gay man. The male equivalent of lesbian.
"Sweden is one of the best places to live if you're a homer."
"Despite the progress, homers are still being treated poorly around the world."
"With great homerity comes great responsibility."
A small town in the middle of no where where kids do nothing but get high like erryday. or drink in tents.
"what do you want to do today?"
"man i don't know were in Homer and it's raining."
"it doesn't rain in the woods."
"shit dude let's go there!"
by $3DY0 July 10, 2008
(Noun) A Derogatory Term for Homosexuals, Lezzies and Moes.
My friend Houston...he is a real Homer...always trying to grab on other men's meat.
by 1Funkfo October 21, 2009
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