A sports official that is blatently calling games for the home team. Typically found in high school and ametuer sporting events.
"I can't believe that ref called him for ruffing the passer. He didn't even touch him!"

"Yeah, that ref is a total homer!"
by Kyle Jordan July 27, 2007
Having blind judgement towards a player because he is on that person's favorite team. Usually results in poor arguments in discussions and getting raped in fantasy trades.
ROFL Did you see Thud homer Pedro in that god-awful trade yesterday?
by Kenny1243 April 24, 2006
1.) A knucklehead or idiot who's ignorant of the world around them. They lack self awareness and are oblivious to what they say and their own actions.

2.) A blind chauvinist that displays uncritical loyalty and enthusiasm towards a team, organization, leader, band, institution, etc in spite of their obvious faults and shortcomings. Usually belligerent to criticism no matter how constructive or benign it is to their entity they blindly and uncritically support.

3.) People who never learn from their mistakes or never learn period. See definition #1.
I'm no longer friends with him because he's such a homer. I didn't like his attitude nor could I tolerate his ignorance and lack of respect for others. He'll never learn from his own action nor see the light.
by Preston Pierce November 24, 2011
Noun; American bonehead
To pull a Homer: To suceed despite idiocy.
Magic Johnson slipped on the ground whilst carrying the basketball, andit flew out of his hands into the hoop.
"Looks like I pulled a Homer!"
by The Fat Emu May 21, 2003
To succeed despite idiocy, lucky
To pull a homer. "he won the lottery even though he thought he was buying grocerys when he bought the ticket"
by wordy hoe February 23, 2005
(noun) Something great done by accident.
Homer Simpson gambled with many lives when he tried "Eny-miny-moe" one the deactivation button at the power plant, but guessed correctly. His statement "Looks as if I made a Homer!"
by GoguyJA May 06, 2003
v. To drool on one's pillow during sleep, in the manner of Homer Simpson.
I slept so hard last night, I woke up and found I had homered all over my pillow
by Cabezalana October 25, 2013
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