Someone who comes off as cultured; who doesn't dress like a slut; someone you can take home to yo mama.
"Stacy is such a homely chick, I think she wifey material."
#classy #simple #pure #educated #clean
by yoyoma2000 November 19, 2009
Top Definition

Not attractive or good-looking: a homely child.
Lacking elegance or refinement: homely furniture.
Of a simple or unpretentious nature; plain: homely truths.
Characteristic of the home or of home life: homely skills.
That is one homely child.
Your trailer is homely!
You are kinda homely aren't you?
You are one homely dresser!
#ugly #stupid #wreched #hard to look at #misspelled homeley
by whutina_10 December 09, 2005
A person who should really stay inside their home due to their horrible fashion, unattractiveness, and the embarrassment that they bring to others who are seen with him/her.
Matt what the fuck are you doing out of your dorm, I don't want to be seen with your homely ass in public!
#homely #hobbit #unattractive #ugly #beautiful
by McMurray McMuffin February 16, 2011
1. A word that describes people lacking in social graces and taste.

2. An adjective for objects that no one could find appealling except ironically.
Check out that homely girl in the kitten sweater! She has clearly never seen a hair brush in her life time.

My grandmother just knit me a super homely scarf which I will wear only for its amusment factor. Also my neck will appreciate its total dedication to warmth.
#homly #socially awkward #kittens #blue lagoons #smart set blouses
by lol cat December 18, 2008
A word usually used to describe a woman who is neither attractive or unattractive.
If a girl is physically unattractive but their personality makes up for their looks then they are considered homely.
These women are typically taken as girlfriends and wives by men who are of the beta personality.
"That ugly girl is cute in a homely kind of way"
#casual #laid-back #humble #unpretentious #chill
by zanitho October 30, 2012
(1) laid back.. dressed down
(2) a homeless or dirty lookin person.. NOT always a female
(1)... I can't go, I don't feel good girl, I'm a lil homely today.
(2).. That MAN/WOMAN on the corner is homely lookin..

Why ppl g2 look down on ppl that don't have what they have.. the world wouldn't be the way it was today if ppl had respect and love for one another. If a person look homely(2) help em out.
by rweallhopeless March 07, 2005
Bad, of poor quality.
"Damn dude, fuck that homely ass shit"
#weak #wack #wackly #garbage #garbohydrates
by Murdahrous February 18, 2006
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