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A pedal-powered vehicle (usually a bicycle, but inclusive of trikes and bicycle/shopping-cart hybrids) distinguishable by the copious application of tinfoil to the spokes, spray-painted gold frame and/or components, mismatched (and technically inappropriate) "upgraded" components, and flipped drop bars, or bum bars. These vehicles usually have a single speed, or a geared drivetrain (usually in a state of disrepair and capable of only one forward speed), and little to no stopping (braking) power. Accessories include "panniers" (garbage bags) filled with bottles and radios strapped to the rear rack or handlebars.
Pedestrian 1 (moments after narrowly avoiding a collision with a man on a bicycle): "WOAH! Watch it, man!"

Cyclist: "(mumbles to self incoherently.)"

Pedestrian 2: "You've got to look out for those crackheads tearing through town on their homeless hellraisers, man; they'll bowl you right over!!"
#bum bars #scraper bikes #brakeless #tarck #shopping cart
by mostlypedals May 20, 2010
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