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1. When the highschool alumni come to see a home football game. The week leading up to the Homecoming game can involve class spirit competitions and other such things.
2. Referring to the Homecoming football game.
3. Referring to the dance typically the night after the football game.
1. Whoo, it's Homecoming week! Is the spirit hall done yet?
2. Homecoming's tonight, are you guys going?
3. Will you go to Homecoming with me? -presents flowers-
by Viserys October 21, 2005
A "formal dance" in which the school's population makes a huge deal about for nothing. 100% of freshman girls get all worked up over not being asked to a gay ass dance that consists of about 100 gay ass other freshman and your occasional slut. Freshman will commonly use this dance as an excuse for Prom. Those not so gay ass people will find a "date" and try to be a smart ass by taking pictures together and claiming that it counts as their homecoming. Don't be one of those smart asses.
You: "Hey, are you going to homecoming?"
Friend: "Dude, that's gay as fuck. Grow up and get an actual date."
by mmmr September 10, 2013
A crazy night in which lots of shuffling takes place.
"Dearest Lindsey butt,

Your cool. Homecoming?


Your future homecoming date, Mary butt"
by Mary butt October 12, 2011
When your parents are away for the weekend and you have your boyfriend/girlfriend over to stay the night(s) for rock star sex. You are homecoming.
Question: "Where's Julianne?" Answer: "Oh, she's homecoming."
by HomecomingKing February 11, 2010
dance that the freshmen and sophomores go to to have "fun" but really look gey, may be accompanied with a date, making you a non loser unlike me. you may eat green chips and die of food poisoning, usually cots 10-15 dollars to dance to crappy music and wish you weren't a loser who couldent find a date.
im such a loser i cant even get a date to homecoming
by Smogersnots October 15, 2004