The act of beating some one with a keyboard. made famous by attack of the show. This refers to the home row keys, asdfjkl;.
Get in the kitchen and make me some pie now or im gunna unplug mah keyboard and home row you. oh and mom can i have your credit card #
by Puppetpallmich May 19, 2005
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When you smash somebody with a computer keyboard in a humorous fasion.

First seen on the television show, "Attack of the Show" on G4 TV.
The keys from the keyboard left an imprint on my face after I was Home Rowed.
by MechaTC April 03, 2005
to be violently attacked with a keyboard. First used in Attack of the Show.
I was sitting in my office when suddenly I was homerowed by Kevin Rose
by katie tran April 01, 2005
To have somebody convey their anger and frustration through a violent attack utilizing computer keyboard
My coworker was so fed up with the cramped cubicle next to my office that he took his keyboard and homerowed me in the face.
by Zerolok April 14, 2005
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