a recommended name for people too sophisticated to be called a tool, toolshed, toolbox, or tool factory, or whoever wrote that previous definition
Maxwell is the biggest fuckin tool ive ever seen. In fact hes a home depot.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
The store where you can find mostly everything except small appliances.
The store that is big,bright, and to much orange like there was no yesterday.
A store where they pay worth a dam.
"Hi welcome to Home Depot," "Do you have any idea where the sprinklers are?" "Let me find out for you."
by Tim Beech October 11, 2005
a gigantic orange blob that people go to for their home improvement needs. the employees are jerkasses. the whole chain thrives on suburbanites. carpenters and builders usually go in in there one time, and it's the last time.
bob: hey you build this deck?
steve: yeah, suzy and I went to home de...
bob sprays out beer over deck.
by mutated seabass June 17, 2005
1.) Rosie O'Donnell's home. Each Home Depot comes with its own Rosie clone.
2.) The most lesbionic thing in the world.
1.) Rosie O'Donnell lives at Home Depot.

2.) Chastity Bono is so lesbionic, she's Home Depot.
by Aunt Gina October 25, 2005
A store that sells home improvement equipment. The biggest tool of them all. Also can be considered a person by the name of schooley....
Sarah you going to Home Depot!
by Hat World November 02, 2003
A super butch-dyke whom you would never know was a girl if you saw IT walking down the street. spottable by large baggy clothes (GAY)grills (GAY) . and freshly tightened corn rows ( MEGA GAY)
My friend tried to come out to me yesterday but i didnt beleive her so i told her to say something lesbionic and she replied..."HOME DEPOT".
by Daquan Smythe ,Ashley Garrett November 14, 2007
A home improvement superstore based around the color orange. Seriously, EVERYTHING IS ORANGE!! You get sick of it so fast. The store is rather boring to shop in and most people only shop there unless they have to.
Person 1: Wanna go to home depot?
Person 2: No, I hate the color orange and shopping there bores me.
Person 1: Okay.

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