The largest category of tool. Tool, Tool Box, Home Depot

The World's Largest Tool Box
Mara is not just a tool box, she's Home Depot
by Dan Langley December 14, 2003
The ugly orange box also refered to as agent orange(because they have killed some of their customers). It sells tools and such, but is always dirty and never has anyone that works there.
"Hey lets go to that place where you cant get anyhelp to buy tools."

"Oh, you meanHome Depot?"
by Me and only me alone May 21, 2009
What your significant other is doing while your at work. Using your house to run a train on herself, probably with your buddies.
"That guy really pisses me off. "That's ok when he's gone his wife runs a home-depot and everybody rides it."
by joe1967 December 08, 2007 declare your tools offlimits or to claim you dont have any when someone wants to borrow yours

2. to give a hint that you dont care or dont have time to help look for lost tools when ask to help find them

Another words " home depot will at least tell you which isle its in and be more than happy to sale it to you"

3.another way to tell a person figure it out on your own, or go ask someone who cares, if asked for advice on how to do something. because home depot employees claim to care, try to help, and are convinced that they know everything, you have a hammer i can use?
no, home depot does
2.Will you help me find a hammer?
no, Home depot will
3.Do you know how to fix this?
no,home depot knows
by Scotty King February 16, 2008
sten. nuff said. (huge toolbox)
me and helena were talking to sten and making fun of him for being the biggest home depot anyone has ever encountered.
by anasessions February 12, 2008
-a term to identify lesbians when they speak it in their lesbionic voice
"say something lesbionic"
"Home Depot"
by Slackr January 26, 2008
a recommended name for people too sophisticated to be called a tool, toolshed, toolbox, or tool factory, or whoever wrote that previous definition
Maxwell is the biggest fuckin tool ive ever seen. In fact hes a home depot.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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