a homeless person who doesn't travel, stays in the same town. Often collects recyclables to make money. Also pushes a shopping cart.
That homebum slapped another homebum today for stealing a can out of his shopping cart.
by pink taco April 14, 2003
Top Definition
A "Home Bum" is a common term for a homeless person who, instead of travelling or working towards improving his situation (as a Hobo would), typically sits in the same places every day and has a predictable routine. Another common term to define "Home Bum" is also "Homeguard", which is used to describe someone who bogarts the resources provided by a city for it's homeless population.
That Home Bum is always at the soup kitchen on Sundays.

That's Old John the Home Bum's trashcan, I wouldn't take the pop bottle out of it if I were you.
by Switch Bitch August 12, 2006
A turm used by street kids to describe a old homeless black man
raspis the crackhead was a cool home bum
by NLR718 June 17, 2006
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