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a female friend that you hang out with for only sexual activities, partying, and minor conversation
Your friend: aye was good bro?

You: (shit getting ready to hang out with home bitch from the club)
by K87 November 15, 2009
Girls who are best friends, party together, and have those nights you can barley remember.
"Who you going to the party with?"

"My Homebitches"
by Deannag July 13, 2008
A boy or girl who is annoying or creates a lot of drama or tension in any given situation.
Homebitch was playing her music so loud that the neighbors slapped her.
by NumbaoneGuy April 08, 2014
That girl who was your friend, or "frenemy" that's gone straight up bitch

Or a girl who overstepped a boundary verbally or physically.
How are you and Amy?
I ain't talking to "home bitch".

Whoa whoa whoa "home bitch" better take a step back.
by lurker3000 February 03, 2010
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