A hilarious show by Brendon Small about an unenthusiastic eight-year-old of the same name, who makes movies with his best friends in the basement. It used to be first on the adult swim line up once upon a time, gradually got pushed back, disappeared for a while, made a comeback, did some other stuff, and then was forgotten forever.

The base of the comedy of Home Movies is the lack of a specific script-- a general idea is drawn out, and most of the episode is improvised (hence the noticable monotone, and awkward-sounding conversations). Originally filmed in squigglevision (outlines squiggle alot) but then the idea was scrapped because squigglevision is incredibly annoying.
Home Movies > Metapocalypse
by Dunkin' Dognuts October 04, 2006
Top Definition
The greatest show ever.
You need to watch Home Movies so it doesn't get canceled.
by Your mom January 27, 2004
The best show ever made. You will get addicted and start quoting episodes incessantly. You will probably lose all your friends.
Home Movies got cancelled because you guys didn't watch it. Now I have to buy the DVDs.
by karensavestheday August 31, 2005
A very funny tv show, staring a kid named Brendon.
The g-hobo: "wanna watch home movies?".
Yo mama: "sure!".
by person yo-yo August 21, 2003
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