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a female friend that you hang out with for only sexual activities, partying, and minor conversation
Your friend: aye was good bro?

You: (shit getting ready to hang out with home bitch from the club)
by K87 November 15, 2009
8 2
Girls who are best friends, party together, and have those nights you can barley remember.
"Who you going to the party with?"

"My Homebitches"
by Deannag July 13, 2008
11 5
A boy or girl who is annoying or creates a lot of drama or tension in any given situation.
Homebitch was playing her music so loud that the neighbors slapped her.
by NumbaoneGuy April 08, 2014
0 0
That girl who was your friend, or "frenemy" that's gone straight up bitch

Or a girl who overstepped a boundary verbally or physically.
How are you and Amy?
I ain't talking to "home bitch".

Whoa whoa whoa "home bitch" better take a step back.
by lurker3000 February 03, 2010
5 6
a word much like home dog
sup home bitch!?
dis is my homebitch, ya'll
by afroman92 February 09, 2007
7 11