The Holy Grail, also seen in the movie, Indiana Jones and the last crusade. Near the end of the movie while lost inside a maze from hell inside a mountain, at the core of the underground lair we find a room full of cups, some beautiful some not so great. Nonetheless, one of them is the grail. He who drinks from the correct Cup (Grail), will have ever lasting life! Although, he who drinks from the wrong cup will shrivel into a really tacky looking skeleton, and then be blown away by some random wind no one knows's where it came from but, regardless it is there temporarily.

The following example is not from the afforementioned movie though, it is from the Monty Python movie... my fav part :
When trying to find the Holy Grail, the quest was abruptly stopped at the bridge to oblivion!

What is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow in spring?

Well I dont know that !!!!

by DJNR8 February 20, 2007
The Holy Grail is the tomb of Mary Magdalene and the Sangreal documents, which prove that she was Jesus Christ's wife and that he was a father.
This theory is discussed in the books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code.
The Holy Grail is not a cup, but rather a metaphor for something much more important.
by Malorie April 14, 2006
When a guy begins to finger a girl, but then decides to show off his guns, and lifts her in the air with one arm, while continuing to finger her.
"Look at that shit! Dave's totally giving Christi the holy grail."

Dave (post-grail): "Wow, all that lifting finally paid off."
by The Guru with the Melonballer September 30, 2007
apparently Jesus's blood, if you think about it, it could be his child, the blood of jesus, jesus's daughter
Read the Da Vinci Code.
by G.I.R. March 17, 2005

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