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An expression used to describe your emotions after an extremely catastrophic event. It basically describes a tuesday obviously that ones testicles become holy. No one knows the origin, or the actual date the testicles become holy, but, we do know for sure that it's a tuesday. And thats just crazy.
me: John I just finished the rest of the beer.
John: Holy testicle tuesday.
me: No it's Saturday.
by Nitsuj0207 June 19, 2010
Epithet/curse, originally said in Mandarin Chinese, as part of a Firefly episode. Basically, an expression of admiration or horror, depending on context . In Chinese 神聖的睾丸, roughly said "Shun-SHENG duh gao-WAHN"
Upon walking into a room full of vintage arts and crafts:

Steve: Are these all yours?
Joan: Yep. Collection started with my grandmother, we just kept adding to it
Steve: Holy Testicle Tuesday!
Joan: Thanks!
by Selric February 24, 2015
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