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A division of Muff Diver. When a man stacks 2 or women on top of each other (imagine the way like chairs are stacked away after a public function), and performs oral sex on them by alternating head giving between each recipient at regular intervals, he is considered to be a Holy Diver. The fast switching between recepients of the head , and the strength and persistance of tongue required to give the head is how the name came to be.
Brenda and Jennifer left the Holy Diver's house refreshed and satisfied.
by SteviB July 06, 2006
27 67
1) Down too long in the midnight sea
2) The star of the masquerade
3) Sole survivor
Gotta get away, get away
Holy Diver
by SpookyTree April 14, 2004
537 20
A sexual act where the male makes the devil horn sign with his hand and inserts one finger in to the woman's vagina while inserting the other into her anus, and then proceeds to drum the beat of the DIO song "Holy Diver" on the woman's ass cheek.

This act is best done in with the female on her hands and knees with male kneeling behind her.
Friend 1: "Dude me and the girlfriend are going to try the holy-diver tonight!"

Friend 2: "Awesome! Be careful though, you don't want to be down too long in the midnight sea. Oh when you jump on the tiger make sure if you see stripes you know it's clean"

by Center706 May 16, 2010
9 5
Combination of a boiling hot bath, a wank and smoking a joint at the same time.
The Holy Diver is a combination of a boiling hot bath, a wank and smoking a joint at the same time. Gets you the best red eye, im serial literally your whole eye will go bloodshot red, no white at all. Think being high, times ten. Careful not for lightweights and/or pussies that cant hold their cum. Start off with a weak joint and work your way up.
by warlock230 December 14, 2010
17 31
One who Goes down on a nun. To preform oral sex on a women of the faith.
Yo, I was a Holy Diver last night. This nun let me go down on her.
by Dick Taint August 03, 2009
36 64
A shit that is so long it reaches the bottom of the bowl before breaking off.

Also, a really good Dio song covered by Killswitch Engage
Shit, that After-Grog Bog was a holy diver!

The song: "Holy Diver, You been down so long in the midnight sea"
by Dosemania September 05, 2006
43 79
When some bitch says not to say holy shit anymore so your like "OMFG HOLY DIVER" from now on.
Person 1:"Sweet Jesus that was crazy!"
Person 2: "Yeah holy diver!"
by Roy E. Munson June 16, 2008
16 53
1.Declared when stealing something from someone else, similar to yoink; The utterance of the phrase legalises and legitimises theft.

2.Also said when picking up something cool you've seen.
1. *Guy A is eating a bag of crisps*
Guy B: Holy Diver! *steals several crisps*
Guy A: Fuck off.

2. *Guy A is walking down the street, and sees a €10 note*
Guy A: Holy Diver! *picks up the tenner*
by ISTPQ September 07, 2006
14 52