describing something greater than or equal to the awesomeness of the holocaust.
Hellen Keller's bout with Terri Schaivo was holocaustic.
by God...with a capital G. January 11, 2011
Top Definition
This is the word used among the Jews who look after the Holocaust shows around the world.
There's a big team of Hebrews that make sure everything runs smoothly during the show like, they keep the popcorn or the chili dogs fresh and the bar full of refreshments.
Without the Holocaustics team, the Holocaust industry would collapse in a day.
Oi, Yijack, wassup?

Gotta run there's a Rabbi coming from the Central Holocaustics Agency, he is the Holocaustsics General Inspector and he is gonna check our books and count the cash.
by very_rich_jew July 31, 2009
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