A modern day way of life or disease that is typically seen in urban environments, where quality of life is almost totally disregarded. It can effect anyone over the age of 5 and can be very detrimental to ones health.
Symptoms include: Acting like a rat, milling around the streets for no reason, working to hard to pay bills and wasting time and money on things with little or no value.
"Boss wot u up 2 tonight?"
"Soz im working bro."
"U always at work that's holo!"

"Where are you going now honey?"
"Shoping, can i get the credit cards?"
"No. NO! You obviously have holo, i'm taking you to the hospital."
by Dr Tosin January 07, 2013
Top Definition
A main character in Spice and Wolf. The name is many times incorrectly spelled as Horo. Due to the L being many time's pronounced as R in Japan. She is a wolf deity that manifests herself as a young girl with wolf ears and tail, although she is actually hundreds of years old.
Holo: Fool! I am Holo the Wise Wolf!
by victor142 August 05, 2011
holo - the lilo with a hole. Can be used on land or water. An inflatable airbed/float with a circular hole cut out of it into which a tummy can be placed while lying on your front. Used for pregnant women to lie on their tummies for relaxation, massage, yoga and sunbathing. Also helps get baby into optimal foetal position.
Can be used for any large tummy, not just pregnant ones.
I have a big pregnant tummy, but can still lie on my front using my holo.
Goddam this holo is a godsend, it's really helping with my pelvic pains.
Lying prone on my holo has helped get my baby into optimal foetal position for birth!
Wow, no one would even know I have a beer belly while I float on my holo in the sea!
by AggyB December 04, 2013
Hoes only live once
I'm going to go do that anal gang bang porn, holo!
She's like a trolley everyone hops on her, holo!
by Crookedtoe July 17, 2015
h-o-l-o: an acronym standing for 'hobo's only live once'. holo is derived from the phrase made popular by rapper Drake YOLO meaning "you only live once." Holo refers the the mortality of those who are homeless, meaning "Hobos only live once"
"dude why are you laying on a log"
"im tired...HOLO"

"im tired of work"
by shantgiveaname July 16, 2012
1)scrawny, hawaian in native
2) handsome
1)Man he looks like a cool islander but he's just a holo.
2)Don't hate me because i'm holo.
by Robot Chicken July 22, 2006

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