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A homicidal maniac, also known to be very clumsey. This type of person is rarely liked, he is a social outcast who has contenplated on commiting suicide on various occassions. He has known to grope and rape females, where then after he continues his routine rituals of being a retard. Conversations that take place with this person usually go along the lines of...
Person 1: Hey, how r ya
Holmesy: mmmmmmmmmm.
The I.Q. of this creature is not known as when he takes the standard IQ test, he recieves a lower score than idiot, they have not needed to name a lower score because no-one is generally this stupid or retarded, not even aboriginals.

Also known as:
Holmesy edgar cook
Holmesy Manson
Hannibal Holmesy
Person 1:"hey is that guy groping some chick"
Person 2:"Oh he is"
*walks over to stop it*
Person 1:"Oh it's just holmesy"
by John Loch Smith September 03, 2007
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