The best rapcore band in the world. Actually just the best band in the world. Some people say that they are a hiphop/screamo/metal band, but technically they are rapcore (rappers that sing their lyrics) They refer to sex, drugs, scene kids, and sometimes heartbreak in the songs such as Knife Called Lust and My Black Dahlia. They used to have 7 members but then one of their members (Shady Jeff) got in a car wreck and quit.
Their old and new music is fucking awesome.
hollywood undead is the best band in the world and if you don't like them, you can fuck yourself.
by Spanishbroamelio! January 29, 2009
A six-member group consisting of:

Charlie Scene (Lyrical Genius)
Johnny 3 Tears (The Server)
Deuce (Tha Producer)
J-Dog (Sweet Talker)
Da Kurlzz (Loud Mouth)
Funny Man (African Baritone)

There was originally a seventh member (Shady Jeff) although he left the band in 2006.

There music consists of variety. Everything from screamo to rap, losing love to getting in your pants. :)

Also, masks cover their faces.
"hollywood undead ain't nothing to fuck with" :D
by mrs. server ;] March 05, 2009
hollywood undead is one of the most bad ass bands around

all members from the LA area, including compton, inglewood, and orange county
originated by members; deuce(also known as tha producer) and j-dog (also known as the server), the two made their first single "the kids" and put it on their myspace page. This track became a big hit on Myspace, leading to greater popularity for the band. Deuce and j-dog then added five of their friends to the group; charlie scene, funny man, johnny 3 tears, da kurlzz, and shady jeff. Shady jeff later left the group making it what it is today, a strong six

Deuce (tha producer)- singer, chorus(s) on most tracks

Johnny 3 Tears- rapper

J-dog (server)- rapper

Da Kurlzz- rapper, screamer

Funny Man (king kong)- rapper, mexican american baritone ("with the voice so low")

Charlie Scene- lyrical genuis of the group, rapper

They are their own genre which consists of rap, hip-hop, techno , hardcore, and metal influences.

Hollywood Undead hates "haters" which they preach in many of their songs and consistently threat, so if your a hater come see me, or come see hollywood undead
hollywood undead !!!

"Don’t get us wrong we only made this song,
to make you feel hard when you hit the bong.
When the 40`s up and then the 40`s gone,
to Lick shots kill cops, to a hip hop song.
So pull them toasters out them holsters,
pull that shirt right off your shoulders,
pull that 9 this is how you hold her, pull that trigger,
H U soldiers.Punk (punk), rock out on the block,
tick tock you can not stop(stop),
hip hop like when we drop top so hot (so hot).
Johnny 3’s been drinking whiskey,Trigger finger feeling frisky,
when you shoot it’s so damn risky, dead in a ditch,
but I hope you miss me"

j-3-t in "dead in ditches"
by blackhawk460 January 19, 2009
Hollywood Undead is a band thats origins are in Hollywood and other parts of LA. It has 6 member as listed here

Tha Deuce AKA Tha Producer
Johnny 3 Tears AKA J3T/The Server
Funny Man AKA King Kong
Charlie Scene
Da Kurlzz

The band is a rap, metalcore band but just because they rap does not mean these are some ghetto white guys, actually all of the members can play instruments and would prefer to play more of a rock sound which is why they try to incorpirate it into most of their songs. The only reason why they rap is so that certain messages can go out to the public through their music without sounding strange or creepy and plus as most know it is easier to rap about almost anything than it is to rock out and plus all 6 members like to sing and you cant do that in a rock band.
all of the members of HU are good happy guys and they dont think they are ghetto and when they talk about having sex all the time it is normally about prostitutes cause they rnt the greatest looking guys in the world XD hence the masks. if you listen to more of their older music it will help you understand them better and see why they are the most original and amazing band out there today.
oh and PS they arent a bunch of rich scumags either, actually after they became a band with all the expenses they lost money and a few of the members really dont have true homes, They play for their fans and love their music and thats why they are a band so say all you want but these guys are literally giving their soul up for their fans
"Im just a guy in a band with a mic in my hand
who decided to rap and fell in love with his fans."
Charlie Scene-The Natives

"We are young, but we have heart
Born in this world as it all falls apart"
Tha Deuce-Young

"Why cant they let me be,
Why dont i know what i am?
i force this hate into my heart cause its my only friend
my lips are sewn shut i watch myself bleed
they push and pull me but its killing me within"
J-Dog-Sell Your Soul

Hollywood Undead 4 Life
by L0n3rg4n12 July 19, 2009
An epicly awesome six person band. They all wear masks on stage and have awesome names like: Charlie Scene, J-Dog, Johnny 3 Tears (J3T), 9Lives, Da Kurlzz, and Funny Man (and in their old songs Shady Jeff and Tha Producer/Duece). Genre: According to Charlie Scene, "Dat Bomb S**t," or gangster goth. Also rap and hip hop with a touch of metal and screamo. They have party songs like "No. 5" and "Tear it Up" and mournfull/heavy songs like "Young" and "Circles." Check this out! Unless you hate cussing. Then just walk the hell away. HU4L!!!!
Peter: Yo check it, I just got the new Hollywood Undead single!
Jaylyn: Awesome that s**t is bomb!

I pledge allegiance to the mask,
That I'll carry whiskey in my flask,
And anyone to diss HU,
I'll leave a bloody mess of you,
3 tears for you we all shall cry,
For we are family, you and I,
All day, all night our flag shall fly,
The Undead Army till the day we die.
by Me+Music February 13, 2011
One of the best bands ever.Their songs are mostly about drugs,alcohol,and sex.If you've never heard them get to it!
Dancin around like a bunch of faggots, funnier than fuck you cab ask Bob Saggot.:)
Hollywood Undead ain't nothin to fuck with!:)
by Blub:) March 08, 2009
Hollywood Undead is a hardcore hip hop band consisting of seven members. Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Funny Man, Tha Producer, J-Dog, The Server, and Shady Jeff. They combine hip hop with hardcore to create a unique style all their own. Some of their songs are focused on sex, violence, and clubs, but some are serious and focused on losing love and drugs. Scene refers either to the club scene in Hollywood or the hardcore scene, sometimes called scene for short.
"Girl, your boobies look real nice to me tonight, let's have a pillow fight I know you're tight. That's when we turn off the light. Girl, if you're from Orange County I'll fuck you right, and I think J-Dog might, if I'm nice. That's when we turn off the light."- Turn Off The Light, Hollywood Undead

"I look alive, I'm dead inside. My heart has holes and black blood flows. We'll do some drugs and fall in love, and get fucked up while the world just shrugs. With no thought, logically. We're wandering the streets just aimlessly."- A Knife Called Lust, Hollywood Undead
by xPsychox March 08, 2007

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