The codename for a weapon of mass destruction. Used by the military to play to terrorists until they kill themselves. Made up of 6 band members to make one of the biggest mind-numbing, time-wasting, money-draining, soul-sucking stupidities in the music industry. Up there with the likes of other posers such as the Jonas Brothers, teaching little kids how to grow up to be obnoxious white stoner trash with no futures trying to make a living in southern California with the attitudes they have. If they wouldn't be worried about "fags" who hate their music, then why the hell would they actually sing/rap/whine about it in their songs? They threaten to "kill" (AKA "tickle" in their lingo) any "motherfuckers" and "punks" for anyone who hates their music as they mention four times in EACH of their songs. You think that actually makes great music, you've been smoking reefer.
Normal behavior when listening to Hollywood Undead:

Clown wearing mask: "White babies with tattoos, we are drooling right on you
we are breaking everything, r-rowdy like a classroom"
Smart teenagers: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My poor little brain! NOOOOOOO! *grunts and struggles to click "pause"* Phew...WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! I'm calling my lawyer!
by Smart American Male November 22, 2009
its the catchy, half retarded offspring that POD and papa roach would have after a drunken gropefest at a limp bizkuit concert
Dude, the Hollywood Undead suck. Too bad they're catchy.
by mindy248 March 12, 2009
commercially manufactured noise to attract and identify teens with no musical taste and the need to fit in.
Record Exec 1: How can we market to ignorant douche bags with the no taste in music.

Record Exec 2: We can get a band to play the worst elements of all pop music for the past 15 years and wear a mixture of all the current trendy clothes. Then we will just pay myspace to promote them as the next big thing, kids wont be able to resist.

Record Exec 1: But how will we get anyone pathetic enough to do that

Record Exec 2: Have them wear Masks?.. We can call them Hollywood Undead, kinda sounds like a vh1 reality show

Record Exec 1: Excellent
by Label Informant February 01, 2009
A group that brings shame to the rap metal game. With 6 rappers who say that they're from the bloods gang trying to sound metal but instead sound more like the hip-hop radio bullshit I hear every f*cking day. I'm tired of all the same wanna-be big dick rapper shit like the songs "Bitches" and "Everywhere I Go". Saying that everywhere they go/bitches love 'em. How can bitches love u if you're wearing a f*cking mask and they don't know your face. And the whole wearing mask thing is getting REALLY old too (P.S. they stole their album title 'Swan Songs' from Led Zeppelin. And they're next album had a cover of Motley Crue's 'Shout at the Devil'...WTF??).
1970's: Alice Cooper and KISS wear makeup
1980's: Glam Metal kicks in with MORE makeup and King Diamond incorporates the mask gimik
1994: Mushroomhead comes out with 8 guys and all wearing masks
1999: SlipKnoT comes out with 9 guys and all wearing masks to get into a dark mood for a heavier feel and concert going experience
2007: Bullshit Hollywood Undead comes out with 6 guys and all wearing masks saying they're from "the ghetto" wearing masks because they think it looks cool and want to make a fashion statement for their music.
by LIMPbizkit13 February 10, 2010
looks like the slipknot of Gay homo scene Hiphop/rock fusion. Ick...when you listen to can actually taste it....and it tastes like the Rotting crotches of female Hollywood celebrities on coke who composed a terrible thought of stuffing their sexual organs with tuna fish while fucking every known male celebrity in all of hollywood and not washing after wards. Then later to find that maggots are squirming within themselves and eatting them from the inside where later after they disease, their whole remains will be luquified into a glass to be served on a platter before Myself and other musicians to sample and say..."wow..This tastes like shit!..what is this?" "Oh its hollywood undead" "take it off the menu!!"...yes.....
You smell like Hollywood undead .
by Gozzer03 December 20, 2008
1. n. A band from South California that has many songs with stolen melodies and chord progressions from other musicians.
2. n. Just another group of perverted douchebags that can't write lyrics, poetry, or even rhyme.
3. n. A band that sold out even before they formed.
4. n. A group of untalented lowlifes with access to advanced music equipment that made one song with stolen ideas from other musicians in an attempt to lose their virginities. They later "wrote" more songs by re-editing their original song many times.
5. n. A person or persons that are wannabe musicians for the purpose of getting sex because they are ugly and gross. They are often masked.
1. Omg what is this crap?! It sounded like Velvet Revolver for a minute but into this shitty rap noise. It must be Hollywood Undead.
2. Q.Why is that kid wearing a mask? A.It is cuz he has a better chance of getting some with it on.
by LegendOfBoberto2 July 24, 2008
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