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A small party or gathering involving ecstasy, cocaine, Dubstep, and regular drug users; thus you are in the presence of "roles" (rolls), lines (of coke), Lights (a song by Bassnectar that should be played in any respectable Dubstep marathon), thin people (junkie thin), and plenty of action, in whatever form might suit the occassion (not necessarily sexual activity)... both the literal AND alternative definitions are found in abundance in Hollywood, the land of film sets, celebrities... and drugs.
Raver: Wow, all these fuckin' Transformers and yay and Bangarang blasting... is this a gonna be a balls-out rave?

Cokehead: No, it's just a Hollywood party, but it's gonna be live as fuck.
by Snowflake 2.0 March 19, 2012