They are a band from the Hollywood area. Technically a Rock band but they really have no genre. They are one of very few bands that can are successful using Rock, Rap, Screaming, and Hip-Hop elements in their music. Their songs vary from being about sex, drugs, and drinking: "Everywhere I Go" and "Comin' in Hot" to more serious, emotional songs "Black Dahlia", "Young", and "Pour Me". The symbol they use for the band is called the Dove & Grenade, a dove holding a grenade in it's talons. They wear masks and each of them has an alias nickname they go by. Many people know them only by their popular songs so assume they are white trash ghetto acting kids. However, most of them grew up on the streets of LA poor as dirt. A few of the band members even had no home even after their first album released. A lot of their songs are from the heart and deal with their personal experiences and observations.

There are 6 official band members:
George Ragan: Johnny 3 Tears
Jordon Terrell: Charlie Scene
Jorel Decker: J-Dog
Dylan Alvarez: Funny Man
Matthew St. Claire (real last name Busek): Da Kurlzz
Daniel Murillo: Danny

Danny replaced clean vocalist Aron Erlichman (aka Deuce/Tha Producer)
"I got HU tatted on the front of my arm"

"Hollywood is your friend and the Undead are your family"

Hollywood Undead puts on amazing concerts.
by Dylan Phillips June 11, 2011
Top Definition
An amazing seven people group. The songs they have,
usually include sex,scene,myspace. Some songs though,
such as My Black Dahlila is about losing love.
Lyrical Genius - Charlie Scene
Sweet Talker - J-Dog
Loud Mouth - Da Kurlzz
Singer - Tha Producer
African Baritone - Funny Man
The Server- Johnny 3 Tears
yet, they have masks to cover their face.
love 'em. :]
don't care if you thumbs down this thing.
If you listen to Hollywood undead, you wouldn't expect this now would you?"I really appreciate everyone who showed up to the shoot. It was the funnest day of my life. I was really happy to see everyone in masks, singing our songs. Fuck I had so much fun. To the kid with the J-Dog mask, Ill still give you the mic. . .We also picked up a few kids and took them back to my house. That was pretty funny. The whole band was really happy with the outcome. Thanks again and the whole band couldn't be happier with the way things worked out." J Dog- "I love you kids that came out, especially the fans that came from out of state to see us going nuts crowdsurfing and screaming your heads off. Hanging out and talking to you after was the coolest thing and taking pictures and signing your masks." WE FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!! Da Kurlzz- ...........Thank you so much for everything, we love you ,,,,,stay undead.

by Michhhelle October 18, 2006
one of (maybe the) best bands out there
they are a seven person band
(J Dog, Da Kurlzzz, Charlie Scene, Tha Producer, Shady Jeff, Funny Man, The Server)
they are a hardcore scene metal hip hop band
lyrics are about anything from the scene to myspace
ex. Scene for dummies

Scene kids, tired of gettin picked on by mean kids
and i'd hate to be obscene kid, but have you scene my penis?
I know you have, cause that shit is bomb
My dicks got more friends then Tom
These scene clubs I run these, I should write the book how to be scene for dummies!
by YSETSIHRCNLA...Decode it bitch August 03, 2005
Hollywood Undead is debated as a sarcastic band or a serious band. Most of their songs are sexual references and while many say they are a scene band. scene is not a type of music and when they refer to scene they are saying they run the club scene as in they are known in the mainstream clubs of hollywood. and they refer to scene kids cause some of the members in the band are scene or they are all scene. then while they talk about having sex in some songs, songs like "knife called lust" and "My Black Dehlia" they speak of loosing love or having a reality of life. This band is good they are few bands that can make hip-hop and screamo sound good together. there are 7 members in the band.For all of their contradictions like "scene for dummies" compared to "my black dehlia" many people think that "Scene for dummies" is sarcastic or they think that some members style is the message "Scene for dummies" while others is "my black dehlia" My opinion is they are scene but still portray good music. they say what they mean maybe they have alot of sex but are emo and look for the absoulute love that emo kids Cry so much about.

Example of contradiction in Hollywood Undead:

I loved you, you made me, hate me.
You gave me, hate, see?.
It saved me and these tears are deadly.
You feel that?
I rip back, every time you tried to steal that.
You feel bad? you feel sad?
I'm sorry, hell no fuck that!
It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife.
This strife it dies, this life and these lies.
And these lungs have sung this song for too long, and its true I hurt too, remember I loved you! "My black dehlia"

It gets harder to see what people want me to be, its just me
being me I'm just Charlie Scene. I used to follow my dream to
play guitar and sing, now I Rhyme over beats I take it seriously
I used to flow with G's it was a joke to me and I would never
forsee that I would be an MC "The Natives"

Scene kids, tired of gettin picked on by mean kids
and i'd hate to be obscene kid, but have you scene my penis?
I know you have, cause that shit is bomb
My dicks got more friends then Tom
These scene clubs I run these, I should write the book how to be scene for dummies! "scene for dummies"
by Trying to decipher the damn band January 25, 2006
Hollywood Undead is a 6 group band not 7. The members of the group are,

Tha Producer
Charlie Scene
Jonny 3 Tears
Da Kurlz
and Funnyman

In my mind this is an amazing band that has mixed the forms of Hip-Hop and Alternative Rock together, With a touch of screamo. Tha Produca and J-Dog started the band. They Rap and sing about many things not just sex and drugs. The rap about things that people feel inside. This band is from all parts of the LA county.
Hollywood Undead is an amazing band
by ThaKidStreet January 21, 2008
the most amazing six people to ever create any kind of music , fuck allll the haters. HU4L and beyondd<33
Hollywood Undead get it through you headd (;
by avax0biiitch September 05, 2008
The most fucking badass band in the world.
Hollywood Undead is kickass.
by BigWang117 December 04, 2008
the best rap metal band ever.
charlie scene, j-dog, deuce,
johnny 3 tears, funny man, da kurlzz.
hollywood undead is the bomb bitch.
by /explode January 23, 2009

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