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The apparent idiocy of a character in a movie that does selectively moronic things that no real human being would ever do, usually for the purpose of advancing a lousy plot. Examples include, going back for the dog, entering a creepy-looking house alone wearing only your panties, and of course suddenly forgiving a love interest who treated you like dirt through the whole movie just for the sake of a happy ending.
"He's smart enough to concoct an experimental serum to genetically enhance the human body and mind, but dumb enough to try it on himself first, before testing it on rats or bunnies. WTF?"
"Hollywood IQ. Definitely."

"She's supposedly a mental olympian competing with the intellectual elite in a tournament in another city, but she doesn't even notice chaotic screaming and a 1500ft wave coming right at her as she goes back to fetch some stranger's purse from a taxi. Right..."
"She's operating with a Hollywood IQ, man. Give her a break."
by Kevnar August 26, 2009
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