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Hollygrove a section apart of the 17th ward New Orleans known for it's high crime and murder rate but still has some the nicest people in the world, the neighborhood took a hard hit with over 8 feet of water when the 17th street canal broke after Hurricane Katrina
Hollygrove is home of rapper Lil wayne (Cashmoney Records)and Skip of UTP
by pitty pat July 07, 2006

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A neighborhood in New Orleans that many notorious rappers have came from, including, Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, etc.
"Yo dat nigga came straight outta Holly Grove."
"Fa real? nigga got flow?"
by Randall S March 21, 2008
1. to smoke on that ganja. aka puff a fat bleez.

2. Weezy F. Baby's home
"Yo you down to Holly Grove?"
"Hold it down for Holly Grove"
by Gus Herrera December 25, 2008