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Everyone's favorite nonjudgmental sexy holiday. The only time in the year when it's perfectly acceptable and cute for good girls to dress like strippers.

A variation of Halloween used to describe the tendency of girls to dress like hoes wearing basically lingerie as costumes.
"Wow look at her nurse costume... I wish it was Holloween every single day!"

"Is that what you're wearing to the party?"
"Hey it's Holloween, you only live once!"
by HelenaJ412 October 31, 2007
The adult variation of Halloween celebrated on or around October 31st. Women use this holiday as an excuse to dress like hookers, sluts, hobags, and skanks and still keep their self-esteem. Popular costumes tend to have the words "naughty" or "sexy" in front of them, such as a "naughty nurse" or a "sexy police officer". Breasts and buttocks are the dish du jour on Holloween, as they are typically put on a platter for the entire world to see.
Girl: What are you wearing to the Holloween Party?
Her Friend: I am going as a Sexy French Maid.
by fioredellafenice October 29, 2010
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