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Someone who wears hollister everyday. dude don't u know thats just free advertising for Hollister?!?
Today T-bates wore this ugly ass tight shirt that said Hollister on it. Then he wore another the next day...and the day after that. So I called him a Hollister fag.
#hollister fag #hollister #fag #gay #homo #queer #flamer #fudgepacker #brand name
by Julio Alicea March 23, 2008
Anybody who wears Hollister
Dude, did you see that Hollister fag walk by? $10 totally says he's gay.
#hollister fag #hollister #fag #gay #fugly #retarded
by Alysson_Wonderland June 13, 2010
A guy who wears tight hollister t shirt and/or ripped hollister jeans some who was once in goth clothes, or rap or hip hop's thug style. This all started when guys thought it was a good idea to wear their pants and shirts as tight as girl do.
A guy who you knew of as a goth, or any other "label" you can think of etc. until last week is now wearing hollister shirts that are really tight, and pre cut jeans, and has become a hollister fags himself.
#hollister pants #holister faggs #hollister kids #holister clothing #hollister fagz
by The girl known as "That One." February 22, 2011
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