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The way i see it, the clothes at Hollister are pretty cute. although some of the clothes may seem a little skimpy, its all well intended. Its not like its unatrctive or anything. The thing that buts me is when people who shop there think they're better than everyone else. Its cool to be confident and not all self-depricating but theres a point where you're going too far and just plain being snotty. I mean, look at deffinition 15. its just plain MEAN! How can you even make a definition like that? Ouch. I mean, yeah its true theres porbably some "Hollister haters" out there who only hate on people who wear hollister because theyre affraid they wont fit in it and i used to be one of them. But they arent all like that. So lets break this Hollister hater vs. Hot topic hater and all LOVE EACHOTHER!I <3 hollister clothes AND hot topic clothes. CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???
girl in nirvana shirt: Hey, I like your skirt! where did you get it?
girl in hollister outfit: Hollister!
girl in nirvana shirt: its really cute. would u mind if i borrowed it sometime?
girl in hollister outfit: sure, as long as i can borrow your shirt. I <3 Nirvana!
Hollister Co,:A clothing company made to help preps feel un preppy. Ripped jeans are made by Hollister to help preps feel like rebels. When actually they just look preppier with ripped jeans and thong sandals.
Depressed Emo kid: Marcy's ripped jeans are so stupid someone should kill her
marcy's friend:your dumb, she looks so punkduh she got them from Hollister co,
Emo kid's friend:someone should kill you...
by Bridgette henne December 17, 2005
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