Any left over residue in a toilet, such as in a public restroom, school restroom, or port-a-potty. This includes urine, human fecies, sanatary fluids in a port-a-potty, tampons, and any other things you may find.
I was going to use that stall, but there was a nasty hollingshead in it!
by Bennnnnmm May 02, 2011
Top Definition
A very old family of Anglo-Saxon origin. Beleived to have lived in Cheshire since before the Norman Conquest, most likely related to the Hollingsworths of the same area. Earliest known ancestor was Hugh Hollyn of Prestbury, Cheshire. It is an exceedingly rare surname, so, most people with this name are probably related.
Anthony Hollingshead was a Loyalist during the American Revolution and escaped to Canada.
by rumgills February 22, 2012
The last name of a total idoit.
Cody Hollingshead is a fine example of most teenage boys.
by Brittni August 11, 2003

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