a girl who is there for anyone whose willing to let her be there for them. a girl who loves tootsie rolls and is MOST definately a DAREDEVIL. can be found in only one place, Thomson, GA. You usuallly find a girl like this at the nearest McDonalds and eating french fries.
a girl who is original in her own way, no one can even compare.
That GIRL is a HOLLEE.
by HULKBurrito February 04, 2010
Top Definition
a rare person, who isnt afraid to be different. gorgeous in her own way, but not always appreciated. smart, funny, and a joy to know, if you bother to get to know her. not always the coolest kid, but she doesnt care. she has her own opinions, and no one can squash her spunk.
hollee is totally awesome!
by kittenette October 16, 2010
Hollee is a natural born cheerleader. She is always there to make people happy. Never make her mad or this fiery redhead will punch you in the throat. Her eyes will catch your attention and you will never be able to look away. Once you fall in love with Hollee you will never be able to let her go.
I just found myself a true Hollee!

Your such a Hollee!
by Always. Never forget me! June 25, 2016
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