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A town in upstate New York that surrounding towns (Utica, New Hartford, Whitesboro, etc.) think is a hick town. In retaliation, we have parties where there is too much drinking to prove we're just as cool as you city folk.
"That guy is driving his tractor to Stewart's to fill it up with gas!"
"Yeah, well, we're in Holland Patent."

note: this has actually happened.
by xxlinneaxlovexx November 23, 2008
Small ass town in Upstate New York neighboring Marcy, Stittville, and Barnaveld where shit goes down. Not many people live there, but there's enough to have it's own school district. There's like two main streets with houses on them, and that consists of the town's main population. In the summer, real niggas chill in the tiny ass park by the fire department and sometimes they walk up to Miller jump off the bridge into the scummy ass water below. In the winter, they snowmobile, and well that's about it considering the fact it's well, it's in the middle of scenic nowhere. All in all, the people from the area are pretty nice and chill people.
Guy 1: Hey, you going to Holland Patent?
Guy 2: No? What's to do there? It's in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere.
Guy 1: Yeah, but the niggas there are pretty chill.
Guy 2: I guess. Let's turn up.
by ThatCoolGuyYouDon'tKnow September 16, 2014
A small hick town in the province of bum-fuck where the moosen roam the streets and the rednecks milk their cows.... all day long
-Hey where do you live?
-I live in Holland Patent
-holy shit I thought you looked like a farmer... I live in remsen
-rot in hell faggot
by goose February 11, 2005

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