The subordinates in a group. When there is a group of people that hang together a lot and one of those members is very dominating and controlling, other less forcefull members just tag along, do and think what they are told. Derived from high school cheerleading. The captain hollers something and all the other cheerleaders holler it back.
Carlene and Dina are just Karen's hollabacks
by fatplumber July 20, 2008
Despite popular belief in the caucasian suburbs, Gwen Stefani did not invent the term "hollaback". At its most basic level, it simply means "Get back to me on that" (holla back).

Gwen Stefani's usage of this term, hollaback girl is a different one, however, which implies that the girl in question is all talk.
Diego: Bianca, I heard Chauna has my math book. Tell her hollaback.

Rita: If you see Mary, tell her to hollaback at me.
by Anna Maria July 05, 2005
Used to describe a person who fights back to insults with more insults as opposed to physical force
I'm not gonna holler back at you, bitch, I'm gonna claw your freakin' eyes out. I ain't no friggin' hollaback girl!
by ACDude800 May 20, 2008
to reply to reply at your convience. To let someone know you got their message. To meet up with a lady.
Holla back ya hear
I'll holla back at ya
Yo holla back girl.
by Geno D September 26, 2005
i hate when people say this because my last name is Hollerback
Anyone who says this to me will die.
by Sunshine Dore June 21, 2005
is a request for affirmation
dude: "Alligators have been around since like the dinosaurs!!"
myself: "That's right"
dude: "Holla Back! I'm a scientist too!!"
myself: "Right on"
by Holasia September 11, 2006
Umm, it could not be simpler. "Holla" means "holler"... which means "to shout".
If you want to be all ghetto about it then you can use it somewhat inappropriately within a conversation to the effect of: "please reply", or "talk to me".
Colloquialism: "Hey dogg, I know dat you be cool wit' THOSE cats, why don't you holla at yo' boyz?!"
Text Message: "wut b gwanin? i b cotchin in da toilet. u goin to da club l8r? tb/holla back xxx"
by Pauric January 02, 2006

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