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A person who wears any number of hideous holiday themed accessories or articles of clothing during the Christmas season. These include but are not limited to; festive sweaters, jingle bell anything, reindeer anything, Christmas light jewelry, etc.
Wow, look at Cornelia, she broke out that Santa sweater again this year. All she needs to do now is tie a set of jingle bells on her shoelaces and she would be a model Holidork!
by BigCee August 19, 2005
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A term used to describe someone with unparalleled enthusiasm for the Holidays. (In particular the Christmas/New Years season) A Holidork's level of enthusiasm for the everything related to the holidays is to the point of nausea for many of the bitter and dark in society.
1. My mum's a closet Holidork, we have an inflatable Singing Santa on the Front yard.
by c.t.o. December 01, 2007
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