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When a male (or female) attacks the vaginal area, usually with a fist (hence, punch).
"I gave that bitch a right holepunch for sleeping with my best friend."
by Lenny08 October 23, 2008
V. To punch somebody in the rectum.
N. The action of punching somebody in the rectum.
Dude, he's pissin' me off. When he bends over go hole punch him.
by Hizzo April 11, 2003
Addition to the 'squirrel grip' - which is inserting your thumb in a woman's vagina, and your index finger in her anus (other way around if she is in 'doggy' position)

The hole punch is when you squirrel grip a lady so intensely, a new hole is created between the anus and vagina. Therefore, every-time this woman shits in the future, she shits out her anus AND vagina.
"Man, I must have hole punched a bird last night, because she pushed out a chocolate baby in the morning"
by imaginative wal August 04, 2007
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